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The use of the word Methodist correctly suggests that our Church has its origins within the Methodist Movement which came into being following the work of John Wesley in the 18th Century.

However, our Church is not a member of the World Wide Methodist Church but belongs to a much smaller group known as the Connexion of Independent Methodist Churches. Although we at Grappenhall have Church Services that are very similar in style to most mainstream Methodist Church there are major differences in other areas.



Firstly we are a self governing Church where the members of the Church decide on all matters.

Secondly we operate as a Church with a Lay Ministry and do not have a Minister in the accepted sense. Our Services are led by Lay Preachers who have responded to a calling to preach and minister on the Christian Faith.


Church Mission Statement

           "To help those who are seeking, finding and following Christ” 


Church Vision Statement


  • Providing a welcoming church where people can learn about God and worship Him
  • Following the examples of Jesus and encourage Christian commitment and discipleship
  • Sharing our faith, love, support and friendship within the Church and Community 

Church Deacons May 2019


Safeguarding Policy

"We at Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church, are concerned with wholeness of each individual within God's purpose for everyone. We welcome all who use this place.In accordance with all other voluntary societies and Church groups, we seek to safeguard all members of the community who use our premises. We see it as a responsibility of each one of us to provide a safe environment in which children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected.


Adults, who have children in their care, have endorsed their suitability for their     supervision. Outside agencies who use our premises are required to conform to these standards."

Re-affirmed, Church Annual Meeting, October 2019.