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GenerosityHope Springs Eternal. Newsletter No 32 - 15th February 2021

"do good….be rich in good works, generous and ready to share.” 1 Timothy 6.18

Do you ever wish that the world could be a better place? Do you think that if people could be more caring, more generous, less selfish, more loving, the world we live in would be so different? Mahatma Gandhi, the inspirational leader in India during the early part of the 20th century, once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. What he meant is that if we want the world to be a better place, each one of us has to change ourselves, one action at a time. Why not start this Lent?

Some years ago, I came across a little book designed to guide individuals to make those little changes that make a big difference to the world and people around us during Lent. That booklet is called ‘Love Life, Live Lent’. During the next few newsletters between now and Easter I will be suggesting little acts of kindness that each of us can perform, just one per day. From Shrove Tuesday to Easter Day, there are forty days (Sunday’s are not counted because every Sunday is a reminder of Easter Day itself). The first thirteen Lent challenges are listed below.

Tue 16th February - Pancake Day. Why not have a Pancake Party for your household. How about delivering some pancakes to someone who will be unable to make them themselves?
Wed 17th. Ash Wednesday. Think of something you have done wrong and say sorry.
Thu 18th. Collect up all loose change around your home and with any more you collect during lent donate to charity.

Save the world
Fri 19th. Care for the world by switching off unused lighting; something we should do every day.

Sat 20th. Plant some seeds in the garden, a window box or plant pot. Care for them as they grow.

Mon 22nd. Do something creative today like making a cake, a picture, a model, a poem, or a story.

Tue 23rd. Watch the News and pray for a situation or person you have seen on it.

Wed 24th. Tell somebody that you love them.

Thu 25th. Give yourself time to wonder about something and see where your curiosity leads.

Fri 26th. Say thank you to someone for who they are or what they do.

Food Bank
Sat 27th. Take a walk and thank God for the things around you, birds singing, sun shining, bulbs emerging.

Mon 1st. Buy some items that are needed by our local foodbank and donate them.

Tues 2nd. Contact somebody either by letter, email, text, or phone call and ask them how they are doing?

Coming Events in February. Remember to use the new access information below.

Zoom Meeting ID: 874 0789 6194 Passcode: 427 632. Alternatively, if you receive emails you will have received one advising you to simply click on the link contained in the email for all Church Zoom events.

Morning Worship on Zoom.

Sunday 21st at 10.30 – led by Frank Pemberton

Sunday 28th at 10.30 – led by Susan McArthur

Wednesday WelcomeNext Meeting Wednesday 24th at 3.00pm (Please note the new start time).

Lenten Bible Studies Series

The Prayers of Jesus – all meetings start at 8.00 pm for just one hour.

Tuesday 23rd. The Lord’s Prayer – ‘This, then, is how you should pray’. (Matt. 6:9)
Bible Reading. Matthew 6: 5-15.

Tuesday 1st.The Raising of Lazarus – ‘that they may believe that you sent me’. (John 11:42)
Bible Reading. John 11:1-7,17-21,32-35,38-42.

Lenten Study
Lenten Bible Study - The Prayers of Jesus

During the period of Lent we will be holding five Bible Studies on the ‘Prayers of Jesus’ over Zoom. The meetings will be on five successive Tuesdays commencing on the 23rd February from 8.00 pm. It is intended to limit the meetings to one hour. Although it is not vital for those joining the studies to have the associated booklet it might prove useful.

They are available online from the Eden Christian Bookshop and also Amazon and both sell for less than six pounds; the author is Amy Boucher Pye. For those who do not purchase a copy then we simply invite you to join us to consider the passage of scripture containing each prayer and enter the discussion prompted by the questions in the booklet. If you would like to join us in the studies please contact either Brenda, Roy or Rob.

Bible Thoughts.

This week Roy asks us to read Isaiah 53. Isaiah wrote these words over 700 years before Jesus was born. Just another miracle revealed, and they still happen today. How can we doubt our God who loves us and still does miracles today? 

Sharing during Lent – A common theme is developing for the period of lent. Love Life, Live Lent provides us with some ideas of how we can share. We can also do this in a different way through our Lenten Bible Studies where we share our thoughts, knowledge, experience and doubts about our Christian Faith. Below, we have identified a number of other ways that we can share as a fellowship. Firstly Bob Ellison shares his experience of attending a seminar entitled ‘Digital Poverty’.

Digital Poverty
Digital Poverty

Are the older population missing out because, they cannot afford laptops, I pad and broadband, or they don't understand them or are there broadband problems in their area? If they have the right equipment but don’t know how to use it, who will teach them? Do we pick things up as easily as we did twenty years ago? During the current Pandemic, more shopping has been done online, if they are not computer literate, how have they coped? Plus, technology seems to change daily.

However, whilst going down this road, what about the increase in computer fraud, would we older people be easy targets? The seminar did not really go into as much detail as I would have liked. I think online banking is fantastic, one of my best friends will not touch it with a barge pole.

We are now becoming a cashless society with a reduction in bank branches and ATMs, even to the point where certain retail outlets will not accept cash. I am sure some of us older ones can remember our parents having various tins for the weekly, gas, electric and shopping bills. This is a tremendous change for our older generation.

As a church we have utilised Zoom to great effect and the benefits have been tremendous. Does the Government have an obligation to help the older age group get onto the current computer lifestyle? (Editor’s comment - Perhaps we as a church can run some practical sessions once we are able to meet in the hall again?)

Book Sharing.

Godfrey Gwilliam has a number of books he is willing to loan and deliver. Here is just a selection, for the full list contact Godfrey.

Killing Eve - From the Hit TV Series - Crime Block Buster.
We Need to Talk about Kevin - Lionel Shriver - Winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2010.
The Guilty One - Lisa Ballantyne - Richard & Judy Book Club Best Seller.
Trump the Art of the Deal - Tony Schwartz - Enough Said!!

Other Sharing Ideas. 

How about those bakers amongst us possibly making some Simnel cakes so that we can share them amongst the fellowship at Easter? How about films on DVD? Not everybody is a reader, and some people would enjoy a good film just as much as a good read. Do you have a DVD that others would like to borrow? Contact Anne or Rob if you do. More information next time.