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Dear Friends, this is the last in this series of articles on The Risen Christ for reflection.  Please let us know if you find them helpful or if you do not wish to receive any more.


Antidote - 9 The Road to Emmaus

Two disciples were going home, a walk of about seven miles.  This would take them at least two to three hours without breaks.  Who were they? One of them was Cleopas and the other possibly his wife. Why were they going home?  Simply that they saw no future after Jesus was crucified.  They were probably not in the upper room when Jesus appeared to the others so may not have known that the risen Lord had appeared there.  This was the end of an era and they were going home to pick up their lives before they decided to follow Jesus.  This is similar to Peter when he declared that he was going fishing.

As they walked along the road, a third person, a stranger, joined them.  He observed that they seemed very sad and asked why.  Cleopas explained what had happened, and also asked why the stranger had not heard anything about the events in Jerusalem as this was the biggest news item. Jesus told them that they were foolish and unbelieving about the prophecies in the scriptures (not a good start to a relationship).

He then gave them a study on the scriptures beginning with Moses and the prophets.  Can you even start to imagine having personal teaching from Jesus for several hours?  I would think that the time flew by and they were soon at their house.  It was late in the day and they invited Jesus to stay with them.  This was a dangerous place to be out after dark and I can't help but feel that they wanted to hear more.

Jesus accepted their invitation and as they sat around the table. Jesus took the bread and broke it and it was at this point that they recognised him as the risen Lord.  He immediately disappeared from their sight.

Their response?

"Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"

They then left the house and set out to return to Jerusalem.  They were not concerned about the danger of travelling at night. Their despair was gone and their whole mindset is changed.  They now see a future serving God and wanted to get back and tell the others. They had met with the risen Lord and now everything was changed.

So, we have seen four examples of the response of those who have met the risen Lord

1. Mary who in one word summed up her devotion to Jesus - "Master"

2. Thomas, no longer doubting but fully convinced and expressing his devotion to Jesus, "My Lord and my God".

3. Peter, no words but action followed by the affirmation three times that he loved the risen lord. He left his old life behind "I want to be with him NOW

4. The disciples who recognised Jesus by his actions and realised the impact of their teaching by the risen Lord, "Didn't our hearts burn within us".

Have we met the risen Lord?  What was our response?  Was our life changed?

We need to look for another meeting with the risen Lord and then see how he changes things. During this difficult period, we have the time to reflect on our risen Lord and what He has done for us.

Every blessing