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Dear Friends, this is the third in this series of articles on The Risen Christ for reflection.  Please let us know if you find them helpful or if you do not wish to receive any more.


Antidote - 8 Thomas meets the risen Christ

The disciples were locked away in the upper room.  They were terrified that the enemy would find them and give them the same treatment that they had given Jesus.  They were also deeply saddened that their time with Jesus had ended and the future looked very bleak.

Does this sound familiar as we are in lock-down keeping away from the hidden enemy and wondering how different the future will be.

But Thomas was not with them.

Where was he?  We have no idea. Do we know anything about Thomas?  Only that he was a doubter.  Actually, there is a reference in John 11v16 to Thomas urging the disciples to follow Jesus whatever the risks.  So, whilst he wanted to fully understand and question, he was also a risk taker.  Maybe he was out trying to find Jesus, after all Mary had told the disciples that she had seen the Risen Lord.

Jesus appeared before them - even though the door was locked.  He reassured them that he was risen from the dead by showing them the wounds in his hands and side.  He them breathed on them so that they would receive the Holy Spirit.

But Thomas was not with them

When the disciples next saw Thomas they told him, what had happened.  He did not believe them.  He said that he would only believe if he could put his finger where the nails were and put his hand into Jesus' side.  He wanted the same proof that the disciples had been given but then added that he not only wanted to see but also touch.

Jesus appeared to them again and this time Thomas was there.

Jesus offered to let Thomas do exactly what he needed to do in order to believe (even though Jesus was not there when Thomas made his declaration).  Thomas no longer needed proof when he saw the risen Christ.  His response was brief but very meaningful:

"My Lord and my God"

These words indicated his total submission and commitment to serve Jesus.  Can we believe that Jesus is the risen Lord when we have no physical proof?  As Jesus said, Blessed are those who have not seen and yes have believed.

As we come out of lock-down, will we still regard others as a potential threat?  Will we want to avoid being in any groups?  Our faith will be tested in future days as we come back together. 

We trust in our risen Lord to guide us and protect us. Every blessing