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Dear Friends, This is the next in the series of articles for reflection.  Please let us know if you find them helpful or if you do not wish to receive any more.  The first collection is a brief study on Philippians 

Antidote - 2 Christ my life - Philippians  chapter 1

So, how are you feeling today? Ė maybe a tad frustrated in not being able to live a normal life, missing friends and family..  Letís see how Paul dealt with this.

Paul had received a gift from the Church in Philippi which had deeply touched him.  This is his thank you letter
First of all did you spot the most important verse?  This is verse 21 "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gainĒ.  Did you also spot the frustration of Paul, in prison and unable to preach the Gospel? No, you didnít because it isnít there.  His mind was in other places. 

Rather than complain, he turned his situation to advantage for God.  He sees having four guards around him for 24 hours a day as a real opportunity to preach the Gospel and with great effect as a number of the palace guard of Caesar became Christians.  He sees other Christians becoming more confident as they see his response to his situation.
So what are Paulís thoughts as he sits in chains
He thinks of Christ Ė try counting how many time he refers to Jesus or Christ in this chapter.  You will be surprised and will better understand Paulís motivation.  He seeks every opportunity to reach out for Christ and preach the Gospel Ė he says that the important thing is that Christ is preached.  With that mind set Paul does not consider the negatives of the situation, he seeks every opportunity.
He thinks of the Philippian church and their generosity. He longs to see them again.  His wish is that their love will increase and that they will be their best for God Ė to the Glory and praise of God
He thinks about the future and the possibility of a death sentence.  He concludes that if that happened, he would be in a better place.  He recognises that he serves Christ and whatever happens he is content.  This is where the most important verse in this chapter comes in.
He thinks about the needs of the Philippian church, the persecutions they have suffered and encouraging them live lives that are worthy of Christ and to work together in the cause of the Gospel.
It is worth considering what opportunities are presented in the current situation.  We are certainly growing closer together as we support and encourage each other.  As you speak to others on the phone why not explore this together?

Every blessing