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Welcome to Antidote - the cure for anything

Dear Friends, This is the first of a series of articles for reflection.  Please let us know if you find them helpful or if you do not wish to receive any more.  The first collection is a brief study on Philippians 

Antidote - 1 Introduction to Philippians

Paul had a very close relationship with the Philippian church.  If you read about the events in Acts chapters 15 and 16 you will see that he had many shared experiences with the first church members – meeting the believers and praying with them, being invited to stay with Lydia and her family, casting out the spirit from the fortune teller resulting in him being put in prison.  The conversion of the prison guard, Paul’s miraculous release from prison, answered prayer.  The list goes on and Paul grew to regarded the believers as his own family rather than just another church group.

Now Paul is in prison and is saddened that he is not allowed to go and visit the believers.  He needs to communicate with them and the only way he can communicate with them is by writing this letter

We can see the parallels in our situation as we start this lockdown situation.  We want to be free to do what we have always done but we are not allowed.  We can’t visit family and friends.  We are very limited in when we can go out only for necessary purpose, shopping, exercise etc.

The one thing we can do is communicate using the methods at our disposal.  For those who have access to technology we can use a variety of applications.  For others who do not have access to the internet, we can phone or write (posting the letter during our exercise).  We can also pray for the others in our fellowship at this time.

In his letter Paul encouraged the Church and gave them a very clear description his relationship with Christ.  This is a very upbeat letter with no sense of self-pity.

We will be examining the four chapters of his letter in future articles under the headings.

1. Christ my life
2. Christ my mind
3. Christ my goal
4. Christ my strength

See if you can find the key verse for each chapter

In the meantime why not make a list of people in the church and work out how you will communicate with them.  Please make sure that there are those on the list who you wouldn’t normally call or write to.  Also consider those who live on their own and are less able to help themselves.  They need to feel the love and support of the other believers.  This period is a real opportunity to strengthen the links within our fellowship and we will come out of this stronger and more determined to serve Christ in the extension of His kingdom

Every blessing