Welcome to Grappenhall
  Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church


Welcome to Grappenhall

Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church

'The friendly Church on Knutsford Road'

Staying in Contact

Dear Friends,

During these unprecedented times it is the aim of the ‘Church Leaders’ that we ‘stay together’ in every practical way possible. For the foreseeable future we will be unable to meet physically, so we shall be sending out by email, updates and material that is intended to support us all during the difficult days ahead. Expect to receive something every few days. If anyone does not wish to receive these communications simply reply and ask us to remove you from our distribution list.

For those who are not connected to the internet, we hope to deliver our updates through the letter box as the situation allows. We will also be keeping in regular telephone contact.
The true magnitude of our present situation is only now being realised. Without doubt, it will change many aspects of our daily lives, but that is for the future. For now, take a day at a time, protect yourself and live by the faith that you profess in Christ.

To request prayer please email prayer@grappenhall-im-church.org.uk or call our Church Community Worker (details below)


Any Questions?

During this unprecedented time, the church leaders believe that members and friends will have many questions over the coming weeks and months, particularly if the crisis extends into the summer and beyond. Below are a few questions with answers that you may need to ask over time. There may be others so if you cannot find an answer here, then please ask.

When will Church be open again?

This is a question we cannot give an answer for. If people respond to the Government calls for self-isolation are followed, we may be able to get on top of the virus in a couple of months. We would then expect a relaxing of the present strict guidance and may be able to meet providing we maintain self-distancing.

How can I maintain my Christian Life during the coming months?

Set aside a time each day to spend reading your Bible and a time of Prayer. Daily Bible Study notes have been available in church for many years. If you do not have any, please ask and we will do our best to get a copy to you. Regarding Prayer, make a list of things that we need to pray about at the moment; our personal physical and mental health, that of our friends and neighbours. Pray for the wider society particularly those in the NHS or those facing real financial difficulty.

Try to join a service either on TV or one streamed from a church directly. There are many alternatives, but internet is necessary for streamed services. If anyone has specific questions regarding spiritual matters, please don’t hesitate to contact a Church Leader.

Can the Church help me with specific matters? 

Anne Pridden has agreed to take on the role of Church Community Worker. In this role she will attempt to help anyone who requires assistance with absolutely anything including assistance with dealing with Government Departments, Local Authorities, the NHS or any organisation. A list of ideas that Anne has thought through will be circulated later but if you want any kind of help now, then she can be contacted on 07731 868184 or 01925 263542 or at Annepridden@annepridden.plus.com.

How can I support the church in the coming months?

As the building is closed for services and events this has caused our income stream to dry up. Although we have sufficient funds to see us through the next few months, we will in time find things getting financially tighter.

For those who support the ‘Systematic Offering Scheme’ - Church envelopes, we ask that you continue to fill your envelopes weekly and when the opportunity arises bring them to church. The current packs of envelopes will run out in June and we may have to consider alternatives. For those who do not belong to the scheme, we ask that you set aside each week, the amount you normally give. 

Alternatively, several members, now support the church via a Standing Order. This can be set up using the following details: -

Name of Organisation: Grappenhall IM Church
Sort Code: 30-99-14 A/C No 00795331

Whether you can continue to support the church financially or not, please continue to support each other through phone calls and prayer.

Take a day at a time, protect yourself as best as you can and hold on to the faith that you have in Christ to bring us through these unprecedented times.

Church Leaders, Grappenhall IM Church
March 2020