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Coronavirus and the Life of the Church

Most of us have been astounded by the way that our society has had to quickly change its attitude and response to this clearly very infectious disease. It seems almost incredulous that within seven days we have gone from a position of relative confidence about continuing our activities to one where we have taken the decision to stop all Church Services and Meetings for the foreseeable future. This is in line with current Government advice which aims to protect those who are vulnerable.

The experts are clearly learning more about Coronavirus daily and they have no means at present of predicting how long the present situation will last or what will be the eventual outcome. All we can do, is take a day at a time but be prepared that things are unlikely to relax for several months.  

During this unpredictable and unprecedented time, we will do our best to stay in contact and where necessary support all members, friends and anyone else we can assist.   

If you need to ask for any help or simply request prayers, then please contact our Prayer Email address which will be monitored throughout the day.                                                                    


Over the next few days, the Church Web Site will be updated to give advice and provide spiritual support during the difficult days ahead.